Renea Dahms

Renea Dahms

Get Fit With Fido Program Director

CDBT- Certified Dog Behavior Technologist

AKC Scent Work Judge

C-WAGS Scent Detective Program Judge

C-WAGS Rally Judge

Canine Fitness & Nutrition Specialist

Renea began her dog training career in 1995, after happening upon a local AKC club. As the saying goes, the rest is history! Renea has done everything from training puppy classes and basic manners to getting involved in Rally, Scent Work and much more! 

Renea is an approved AKC Scent Work Judge, C-WAGS Scent Detective Program and Rally Judge, and enjoys watching handlers and their dogs compete and have fun with one another. Additionally, Renea is a Canine Fitness & Nutrition Coach and loves to help dogs achieve their maximum fitness and nutritional health. 

Interested in constantly expanding her knowledge and level of understanding, Renea regularly participates in classes and events to further her education. This drive to constantly improve upon and hone her craft led to Renea to become a Certified Dog Behavior Technologist with the Association of Animal Behavior Professionals. 

Renea owns and runs the dog training and fitness facility, Pawsitively Unleashed! in WI, and offers a variety of dog training services and classes. 

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